Why Would You Need An Employment Solicitor?

When it comes to employment solicitors birmingham based solicitors have handled many cases, both on behalf of businesses and employees. You might be surprised at how many cases a good solicitor handles on a regular basis. Let's discuss why a business might need an employment solicitor, common cases that occur and why would an employee need one too.

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Why A Business Employment Solicitor

There are many scenarios in which a business would want to hire a legal professional. Let's say you run a business and you have an employee you don't want working for you, so what do you do? The chances are you fire them, and then get on with your day-to-day activities and not think anything of it. However, they return a week or two, or a few months later, armed with a solicitor who says the firing was not justified.

If this happens, then you'll want to hire your own solicitor. They can gather up evidence and represent you in court, and provide that the firing was justified. If you fired an employee and you know there was no good reason for it, then you'll still want to hire a solicitor. They'll be able to defend you and possibly reduce any penalties you may be facing.

Common Cases

The most common cases include firings and injuries. In injury cases, workers or former workers file a claim against the business and/or their insurance company. They typically allege that unsafe work conditions resulted in the injury. In the case of a firing, a worker will usually say there was no legal reason for it. They can and do file compensation claims among other things.

Classification lawsuits are common too. Employees may band together and say they are actually employees and not independent contractors or vice-versa. Usually it's the former, but nonetheless both are common cases.

Theft cases involving employees stealing from employers or employees not paying what they should pay to employees are common cases too.

Why Would An Employee Need A Solicitor

One reason is being falsely accused of stealing or doing something wrong at work, and then fired for it. Being fired for anything other than legal reasons is why an employee would need a solicitor. Other reasons include being injured or not being paid for time off if the law states otherwise.

Why Hiring A Solicitor Is Important

Whether you're an employee or an employer, hiring a solicitor is crucial. It can mean the difference between losing a business and being able to remain in business. For employees, it can mean the difference between receiving compensation owed or retaining their job and being jobless and not receiving any deserved compensation.

If you run a business and one of your employees or former employees try to bring a case against you or make threats of doing so via their solicitor, then it's time to hire an employment solicitor. Not hiring an expert to represent you could prove to be a costly mistake, and could put you out of business.